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Stay Connected Through Senior Living Activities

How To Stay Connected With Friends And Family Through Senior Living Activities

Maintaining meaningful connections with loved ones becomes increasingly important as older adults enter their golden years. A common concern many have about senior living communities is a lack of senior living activities. At Saint Ann Independent Living OKC, there are plenty of activities for seniors. Senior living activities onsite and offsite with residents and friends. Senior living activities boost morale, combat depression, improve physical health, and keep the days full of fun!

The Importance Of Seniors In Independent Living Staying Connected

Moving to a senior living community or having a loved one transition to such a community can bring significant changes. Staying connected with friends and family throughout this transition promotes a healthy and happier life.

Emotional well-being:

Regular contact with loved ones gives seniors a sense of connection, love, and support. It reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation, promoting overall happiness.

Mental stimulation and memory:

Engaging in conversations and sharing stories helps seniors stay mentally active, stimulating their memory and cognitive function.

Physical health:

Social ties encourage seniors to participate in activities, outings, and social events, promoting physical activity, health, and independence.

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Preventing depression:

Regular contact with friends and loved ones helps to prevent feelings of sadness, isolation, and depression, fostering a more positive outlook during their golden years.

Enhanced quality of life:

Staying connected allows seniors to participate in family gatherings and important events, promoting a sense of purpose and belonging.

Peace of mind for loved ones:

Regular communication reassures family members, providing updates on their loved one’s well-being and ensuring their needs are met.

How To Stay Connected With Your Senior Friends And Family

There are a variety of senior living activities and events that help residents stay connected with their friends and family. Whether you’re looking for fun and social activities or a more meaningful way to connect, there’s something for everyone.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Explore Activities at Saint Ann Independent Living: 

Saint Ann offers a variety of group exercises, music, themed nights, religious services, educational talks, and social gatherings. Stay informed about the facility’s fun activity calendar and encourage your loved ones to participate in these events. Attending these activities with your loved ones is a great way to show support and enhance the experience.

Attend special events at the retirement center:

Saint Ann also hosts special events and celebrations, such as holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and themed events. These are a great opportunity to bond with your loved ones and other residents, staff, and family members of other residents.

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Plan outings to local activities in OKC

There are likely many local activities for seniors in the surrounding area that you can enjoy with your loved ones, such as the botanical gardens, antique stores, museums, and more. Attending art exhibitions, local theater performances, farmers’ markets, or community festivals is a great way to get out and about.

Create personalized activities:

Besides facility-sponsored activities and local outings, consider designing activities that cater to your loved ones’ preferences. These activities could involve anything from playing board games to gardening to cooking together. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some additional tips for staying connected with your loved ones at Saint Ann:

  • Work together to build a scrapbook; new photos can be brought with each visit or mailed if a visit can’t be made. 
  • Keep an eye out for nearby local events that would be fun & accessible for all, such as arts festivals or local performances. 
  • Stay connected through letters, group chats, and social media. You can also schedule video calls when visits can’t be made. 

What Activities Do Seniors Like To Do?

A wide range of senior activities is available for you to enjoy with your older loved ones, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. It’s important to stay active, engaged, and connected.

One option is to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outdoors. You can take leisurely walks in the park, sit together in a garden, or enjoy a picnic in a scenic spot.

Engaging in friendly games such as bingo or cornhole can also be a great way to have fun and create lasting memories. These games provide opportunities for interaction, laughter, and friendly competition.

Another enjoyable activity is attending live musical performances. Whether it’s a local concert, a community event, or even a performance within the senior living community, live music can bring joy and evoke positive emotions for you and your loved ones.

Senior Living Activities To Do With:

At Saint Ann’s, we offer activities for seniors that cater to everyone, including opportunities for interaction with fellow residents and your beloved grandkids. Our community is where your kids and grandkids can join in the fun. 

Transitioning to a senior living community may feel like bidding farewell to old friends. However, you can continue nurturing those friendships by inviting them to participate in our senior living activities. Additionally, you can partake in activities and events outside of our community. 


For your grandkids, we have two dedicated play centers, one in the assisted living center and one in our independent living center. Allowing your little ones to engage with blocks, unleash their creativity in the play kitchen, and enjoy the joys of childhood. Our annual traditions, such as Easter egg hunts and visits from Santa, add extra excitement to their time spent at Saint Ann’s. With these activities, there’s always something fun happening for the young ones.

Senior Living Activities Easter for Grandkids Saint Ann Independent Living OKC


From live musical performances to visits to the Cowboy Museum, there’s always a fun and engaging event for everyone to enjoy together. Our themed weeks, like Elvis Week and 50s Week, bring nostalgia and entertainment with delicious food and captivating music.


Whether it’s getting out of the senior living community and attending book clubs, exploring the local park for some physical activity, or simply sharing a meal, there are countless opportunities to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

Stay Connected & Stay Active 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to stay active and connected amongst friends and family, from themed activities and events to trips to the museum and fun games. No matter what, there’s something for everyone. Best of all, these activities for seniors help to improve memory and keep the mind sharp. They help break up the day and alleviate loneliness or depression. Senior living activities aren’t just a distraction; they’re meant to build healthy connections inside and outside your senior living community!

Saint Ann Retirement Center offers the best senior living options for retirement in Oklahoma City. Assisted living and independent living accommodations enhance the lives of individuals looking for support and comfort and a variety of amenities to keep the community active and engaged. Saint Ann is owned and operated by The Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, a not-for-profit Christian organization.

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