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Are you or your loved one looking for well-built, established senior independent living facilities? You will never go wrong with Saint Ann Independent Living in Oklahoma City. As we all know, social support and friendly connections improve our health and promote happiness.

Loneliness is the worst enemy of old age. For this reason, at Saint Ann, we encourage senior members to move to an independent senior living community. We take time to learn the identity of our residents, their likes and dislikes, and their expectations in joining our community. Our staff strives to understand your goals and desires for joining our community, exceeding your expectations with dedicated efforts.

We know how important every moment of your life is, and we focus on adding more value daily. Moving to senior independent living facilities is not an easy decision, but with our facility, it’s a whole new story. We offer great services, well-balanced meals, and many other activities to make you feel at home instantly.

Group Activities

Staying in the right shape, feeling young, and boosting your mental health are some advantages of being active. Older adults benefit greatly from exercising their bodies and brains with proper guidance and frequency. Without adequate guidance, some go for the wrong activities that do them more harm than good.

Activities at Senior Independent Living Facilities

Living in senior living helps older adults identify the activities that work better for them. Saint Ann Senior Independent Living facilities have many group activities to keep you on the right track. Some of these include:

Strength Training Classes

Weightlifting can be enjoyable for seniors living in senior independent living facilities. Ensure you follow our trainers’ guidance to secure weights that align with your strengths. All these are available at our fitness center.

Sit n’ Fit

When we talk about exercise, we often think about vigorous activities. However, for the seniors in Oklahoma City, Saint Ann has a chair exercise package for seniors at their facility. Not being strong enough to walk around shouldn’t deter you from living a healthy and happy life. With Sit n’ Fit exercise, you’ll be good to go.

Chair Volleyball

Living in senior independent living facilities introduces you to a world of people who understand you better. At Saint Ann, you’ll enjoy the company of peers your age and a lively team eager to have fun together. You don’t need to stand for hours to enjoy a volleyball game; with chair volleyball, we can all enjoy.

Rise & Stretch

Maintaining mobility becomes a challenge as we grow older. Our joints and muscles weaken, which deteriorates our movement with time. Prioritizing muscle and joint strength, our senior independent living facilities offer rise & stretch classes.

Our stretching sessions will help you develop your muscles and joints and maintain them in good shape. This stretching boosts blood flow, enhances flexibility, promotes healthy aging, and improves life quality.

Word Puzzles

One of the best exercises for our brain is word puzzles. Although many consider it a hobby, many senior independent living facilities greatly value it. At Saint Ann Senior Independent Living facilities in OKC, word puzzles are offered in the morning hours to activate the mind. We take it as a mental workout to stimulate the left and right sides of the mind.


Cornhole employs the use of several body parts. Players throw bean bags in turns at the opposite board toward a target hole. It activates your muscles by walking to different board sides and tossing the bag. Cornhole improves your physical fitness with time. Saint Ann Senior Independent Living facilities offer regular cornhole as a social activity and special tournaments and events.

Meals at Senior Independent Living Facilities

Meals at Senior Independent Living Facilities

Gourmet senior living meals at Saint Ann Retirement Center OKC is one of our great services. Our residents enjoy an independent lifestyle just as they would if they were in their homes. But, an advantage of being at our facility is that they enjoy special amenities, support, and services. 

The beauty of living in senior independent living facilities is that you make independent daily decisions. The talented kitchen crew prepares delicious meals for our residents. However, residents can also make their meals; every apartment has a kitchen to make things easy.

Social & Community Outings

Living in retirement communities doesn’t diminish the need for social connections. Maintaining connections with the outside world is very important for a person’s well-being. Therefore, many social and community activities keep our residents active at Saint Ann Senior Independent Living Facilities in OKC.

Some of our social activities include; theme weeks, live music, volleyball tournaments, and fun fairs. At the same time, holidays at Saint Ann’s are some of the most fun and engaging moments. Different activities bring joy and fun to the seniors living in the facility.

Health and Wellness Opportunities

The benefit of living in senior living facilities with your best interest at heart is an atmosphere that strives for better health for all. At Saint Ann Retirement Center, we give our residents a great experience that exceeds their expectations. We have new respite and care levels, a salon, a pedicure spa, and plenty more amenities and perks to create the best living environment for our residents. 

Both independent and assisted living residents enjoy professional home maintenance services from our staff. In addition, our fitness center offers many activities for a robust and thriving physique. At the same time, we have doctor visits every Thursday to ensure our residents are healthy.

Visiting Performers

The door is always open for families and guests at Saint Ann Retirement Center. Many socials, entertainers, events, parties, and outings keep residents at the facility happy and lively. We always seek socializing opportunities to see our senior residents at their best. Volleyball experts, various teams of dancers, spiritual guides, and many more make living in a senior living center enjoyable.

Visiting Performer Edgar Cruz at Saint Ann Senior Independent Living Facilities

Weekend Activities

Life in senior independent living facilities is no longer a boring experience. Choosing the right center means enjoying the reality of aging gracefully. For Oklahoma City residents and its neighborhood, Saint Ann Retirement Center offers all the expected amenities of a retirement facility and then some.

We have cultivated an environment that makes living in senior independent living facilities the best. Saint Ann has different weekend activities that connect our residents with the local community. All the special events, wellness programs, intergeneration activities, and volunteer events focus on community offerings. 

You can relax with friends, rekindle an existing passion, discover one, or enjoy quiet time. Being an active adult cultivates clarity of mind and extends life, particularly when pursuing one’s passions.

Spiritual Services

One of the endeavors of independent living is an active spiritual life. Living in our homes might limit our ability to attend a church service, especially if none are nearby. At Saint Ann Senior Independent Living Facilities in OKC, we welcome all faiths and are pleased to offer spiritual services throughout the week.

On Saturdays, there is a Vigil mass at 4:00 pm and an All Faith Service at 2:00 pm in the chapel. From Monday to Friday, there are chapel services at 9:30 am. Fr. Price Grimes ministers on Monday and Friday, while Fr. Christopher Tran ministers on Tuesday to Wednesday. On weekends, there’s a 9:30 am morning mass and a 4:00 pm Vigil Mass, both led by Fr. Christopher Tran. On Sunday, there’s a 9:30 am mass with Fr. Christopher Tran and a 2:00 pm All Faith Service with Mr. Gary Clark.

Living in senior living facilities can be daunting. Putting your whole life and how you spend it into the care and responsibility of others is a big step. Make sure you find a place that you would love to live in. Schedule your visit to Saint Ann today. We are committed to ensuring you enjoy your golden years in style. We’re here to help you enjoy life fully at any age by offering comprehensive support, care, and resources. For any inquiries, feel free to give us a call any time and any day!

Saint Ann Retirement Center offers the best senior living options for retirement in Oklahoma City. Assisted living and independent living accommodations enhance the lives of individuals looking for support and comfort and a variety of amenities to keep the community active and engaged. Saint Ann is owned and operated by The Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, a not-for-profit Christian organization.

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