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We recommend you do a preliminary search, because you know your style and preferences. Once you narrow down the options, visit a community and meet their staff and current residents. Check out the quality of life, spirit of caring, variety of lifestyles available, and excellence of meals. Most communities take care of all maintenance, housekeeping, and cooking. This freedom from chores often makes the decision even easier!

Typically, your rent includes meals, utilities, basic cable television, wifi, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, life enrichment activities, and scheduled transportation. Assisted living’s monthly rent will include any helping hand services you receive. Everyone has their unique needs. Common assisted living services are: ordering and administration of medications, assistance with bathing and dressing, incontinence reminders, wellness checks, nursing supervision, and escorting when walking. Residents pay for their own personal items such as medicine, telephone, toiletries, clothes, furnishings, personal care products, and medical expenses.

Residents agree that it is clearly best to make the move while you are still in control. That way, you may consult with your family but it’s your decision where you choose to live. You pick the community of your choice. You determine where you feel most comfortable. You decide what to do with your home and those things you want certain people to have.

Moving to senior living means you keep your favorite furnishings and possessions. Some people choose to buy new things and enjoy a whole new style of décor. It’s time to lighten the burden of home ownership and maintenance. Many people say the easiest way to manage the transition is to make the move and then deal with the leftovers at the old house. As to the difference in size of your new home, remember that the entire community is part of your living space. You can receive guests anytime, anywhere. You have game rooms, a dining room, fitness gym, theatre, library, living rooms, and other spaces that you don’t have to clean or maintain.  You can sit and read by the fireplace, shop on the computer in the library, visit with other residents over coffee, or play your favorite card game in your apartment or elsewhere in the building.

There is usually a period of adjustment to your new surroundings and your new lifestyle. For some people this is a quick and effortless exciting process. For others, it can be more difficult. Getting involved in your new community and embracing new friends greatly benefits most people. Having people around brings peace of mind and security. Eating nutritious meals while visiting with other residents is uplifting. Many homes like Saint Ann offer scheduled transportation to appointments, errands, and shopping. This is a handy amenity for anyone who no longer wants to drive and maintain a vehicle.

In Oklahoma City, senior care costs are slightly higher than the state median but lower than some Oklahoma cities like Tulsa. By comparison, the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey shows that average costs in Oklahoma City are far lower than national trends, particularly with regard to average nursing home costs.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Oklahoma?

Residing in an assisted living facility in Oklahoma City costs an average of $3,339 per month, slightly higher than the state average of $3,325. In Oklahoma’s second-largest city, Tulsa, assisted living costs are slightly higher than both Oklahoma City and the state average, coming in at $3,488 per month. In smaller Oklahoma cities, such as Enid, assisted living costs are significantly lower, averaging $2,860, while larger Lawton averages $3,238 per month in costs, just slightly below Oklahoma City.

How Much Does Home Care Cost in Oklahoma?

Home care costs for seniors in Oklahoma City averages $3,432 per month versus the state median cost of $3,813. This represents a savings of almost $400 per month for home care in Oklahoma City compared to the rest of the state. Tulsa features the highest home healthcare costs in the state with an average price tag of $4,242 per month. In Enid, home health averages $4,099 per month while Lawton comes in significantly lower at $3,623.

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