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Downsizing & Moving to Senior Living

How to Move to a Senior Living Community

Ready to transition your home from your current residence to a senior living community? Moving to a senior community marks an exciting new chapter in life free of home maintenance, offering a range of amenities and support tailored to older adults’ needs. 

However, addressing practical aspects such as downsizing, creating a schedule, and cleaning out your old house is crucial before undertaking this transition. Thankfully our team here at Saint Ann Independent Living in OKC has created a sweeping guide to help you steer this expedition to your new senior living community so you can have a  better quality of life.

How Do You Downsize to Move to Senior Living?


Moving can often be time-consuming and chaotic, requiring careful decision-making regarding which belongings to bring and which to part with. We recommend that you begin the planning and organizing early. Start by evaluating each item’s practicality and sentimental value and how it will function in your new space. Remember, it’s important to be critical of each belonging. 

An organized approach can be adopted by initially focusing on a specific room, such as the garage, and then tackling each room individually. It’s helpful to categorize your possessions into different groups, such as “keep,” “donate,” “sell,” “pass down,” or “discard.” Consider what items can be handed down to family members and what can be let go of, as this will ease your move to a new senior living community.

Downsize and move to a senior living community at Saint Ann Oklahoma City

What to Move to a Senior Living Community

To know what you can bring, get measurements of your new possible home. That way, you can plan accordingly. Additionally, be sure to clarify everything included in your new home.
Ask about amenities; this may help you understand what toiletries, accessories, and furniture you need.
Ask if you will have your own kitchen.
Ask if you will need kitchenware.
These are the perfect types of questions to ask before you move to a senior living community.

What to Take When You Move to a Senior Living Community

When transitioning to an independent senior living community, it’s generally a good idea to bring the following items:


Bring clothing of all kinds. Clothing for comfy days. Clothing for formal events and themed events. Request an events calendar from your senior living community, so you can better prepare.


Bring your favorite furniture if you’re moving to an unfurnished community or prefer your own furnishings. Bring your favorite sofa, chairs, end tables, and a nightstand to create a cozy and familiar living space in your new home.


If necessary, bring your cherished dishes, glasses, and cutlery to maintain a sense of familiarity during meal times.

Personal Keepsakes

Consider bringing beloved keepsakes and knick-knacks that hold sentimental value.

Framed Photos & Artwork

Surround yourself with the people and memories that matter most by bringing framed photos and artwork.


Move to a senior living community Saint Ann OKC

How to Make The Move To A Senior Living Community Easier

Moving is always easier when you carefully plan and coordinate. Create a detailed agenda outlining all the tasks leading up to your move-in day. Break down the process into more manageable steps, such as sorting your belongings, notifying utility companies, arranging transportation, and hiring professional movers. 

How to Move Your Parents To Senior Living

If your parents are the ones moving to senior living, be open with them during their transition into their retirement community, and express that you are ready to help. Reach out to family and family friends. Older adults can help with lighter belongings, and more active adults can help with the heavy lifting. Expect setbacks and help strategize possible backup plans. More importantly, communicate and ask how you can best help your parents.

Moving to Senior Living Checklist

Feel free to print this checklist and use it as a guide while preparing to move to a senior living community. Check off each task as you complete it to help you stay organized.

  1. Start your downsizing process: Begin early & focus on one room at a time.
  2. Categorize belongings: Sort your items into categories (keep, donate, sell, pass down, discard).
  3. Plan and coordinate the move: Create a detailed agenda and set deadlines.
  4. Communicate and seek assistance: Involve family or friends for support.
  5. Take measurements: Measure the new home for layout & furniture planning.
  6. Consider services & amenities: Learn more about what your senior communities offer.
  7. Arrange transportation: Plan logistics for moving day, including transportation for yourself and your belongings.
  8. Pack efficiently: Use labels, color-coding, and categorize items by room for easy unpacking.
  9. Prepare an essentials box: Pack a separate box with daily necessities for immediate use.
  10. Pack clothing for different occasions: Include comfy casual wear and event outfits.
  11. Bring familiar furniture: Sofa, chairs, end tables, nightstand, etc.
  12. Maintain familiarity in the kitchen: Pack cherished dishes, glasses, and cutlery.
  13. Pack personal keepsakes: Bring sentimental items for a personal touch.
  14. Pack framed photos and artwork: Keep your residence homey & full of memories.
  15. Arrange professional moving services: Research and hire reputable movers if needed.
  16. Notify relevant parties of address change: Update post office, banks, healthcare providers, subscriptions, etc.
  17. Arrange for utilities and services: Contact utility companies for disconnection or transfer.
  18. Clean out the old house: Declutter, organize, and clean each room before the move.
  19. Perform a final walkthrough: Check all rooms, closets, and cabinets.

How to downsize and Move to a senior living community Saint Ann Independent Living OKC

Simplify How You Move to a Senior Living Community

When it comes to downsizing, taking it one room at a time and sticking to a schedule is key. By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared for your move. Remember, efficient downsizing is possible if you stay focused and ask for help when needed. This downsizing checklist is a great starting point. Don’t forget to work with family members and friends who can provide the additional support you need for your move.

We get it—it can be tough to let go of things, especially if you’ve held onto them for what feels like forever. Now that you know how to move to a senior living community don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions before moving. We’re here to help!

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