Daree Kuykendall

Daree Kuykendall was originally from Oklahoma. She was raised in Arizona. She married a military man, and transferred to Texas, where she got her culinary and nutritional degree from St. Edwards University in Austin Texas. She did her culinary internship in Austin. She worked in Air Force Village in San Antonio Texas, which was a facility for 4 star generals and their wives. She was recruited to start Epworth Villa in Oklahoma City. She worked there for 11 and a half years. She retired and went into the restaurant business, and then came back into the retirement center business to help out a friend. Daree worked for corporate as their Regional Food Service Specialist, until the company folded  She came to work at Saint Ann Retirement Center, and has been here since it opened. She has over 40 years of culinary experience. She is married to Jim Kuykendall. She has two children and 6 grandchildren.

Executive Chef