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Our monthly senior living fee covers everything from restaurant-style meals to engaging social activities and round-the-clock care. Uncover the many benefits of choosing Saint Ann as your next home and better understand the differences between senior living buy-in vs monthly rent. 

Senior Living Buy-In vs Monthly Rent

When it comes to finding care for your loved ones, there are plenty of options. So the big question is, “why move to Saint Ann“? What makes us any different from anyone else? Our all-inclusive care program provides residents with everything they need to enjoy a fulfilling and worry-free life without breaking the bank.

Saint Ann has no wait list and immediate availability. So come by and check us out!

What Is a Monthly Senior Living Community?

Residents in a monthly fee-based senior living community pay a monthly rental fee according to the level of care required. A monthly fee is the most inexpensive senior living option.

In addition, it allows for flexibility in the time of stay and type of stay. Paying a monthly fee covers all your monthly living expenses included in your level of care. Residents pay a lump sum on top of monthly fees for living expenses in senior living buy-in vs monthly rent, which only requires the monthly payment.

What Is A Buy-In Senior Living Community?

Which one benefits me more, senior living buy-in vs monthly rent? A buy-in senior living community is a type of senior community where residents pay a one-time entrance fee, known as a “buy-in fee,” to occupy a unit within their senior living community. This fee is a large lump sum that may or may not be refundable depending on the terms of the agreement.

senior living buy-in vs monthly rent what's the difference?

In addition to the buy-in fee, residents may pay a monthly fee that covers living expenses such as rent, utilities, meals, housekeeping, and transportation. The monthly fee may also increase over time to account for inflation and other factors. In short, a buy-in senior living community payment system mixes a one-time buy-in fee with ongoing monthly fees.

What Are The Benefits Of Monthly Rent For Senior Living?

A monthly rent option provides greater flexibility and peace of mind. Removing any confusion around what you’re paying for. Providing benefits such as: 

Flexible and Manageable Payments

Instead of paying a large lump sum upfront, monthly rent allows residents to pay for their senior living expenses as they go. In addition, a monthly model provides greater peace of mind and financial flexibility, particularly if the resident’s situation or needs change over time.

Short-Term Stays

Suppose the need for a short-term stay arises due to rehabilitation or temporary relocation. In that case, the monthly rent option can be more beneficial than a buy-in fee. Additionally, suppose your home becomes temporarily unlivable due to fire, plumbing, pest problems, or other unforeseen circumstances. In that case, you can find a temporary home at Saint Ann without incurring any significant financial loss.

Ability to Relocate

Rental senior living communities also provide flexibility for relocation if a resident wants to be closer to family or friends without losing significant money. This flexibility keeps you from being tied down to any given location.

Overall when you look at senior living buy-in vs monthly rent senior living, the monthly rent option provides greater financial stability and ease for senior living residents, offering a flexible and manageable payment structure to meet their needs.

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Gain The Benefits of All-Inclusive Care with Our Monthly Fee: Social Activities, Meals, Security, & More

Here at Saint Ann Assisted & Independent Living, we believe you should age fearlessly & live colorfully, which is why your monthly rent includes everything needed to thrive. Your monthly payment allows you access to outstanding services & amenities within our real estate:

  • Beautifully Appointed Common Areas
  • Private Dining Room & Other Areas for Family Gatherings
  • Library & Computer Center
  • Game Room
  • Grand Theatre
  • Indoor Post Office Box
  • Guest Apartment for Visitors
  • Buses, Van, & SUVs for Outings
  • Beauty/Barber Salons, Including Manicures & Pedicures
  • Expanded Cable TV & Wi-Fi
  • Maintenance & Repair 
  • Visiting Physician & Podiatrist
  • Driver for Scheduled Local Transportation
  • 24-Hour Independent Living Concierge 
  • Wellness & Exercise Programs
  • Cultural & Educational Activities
  • Games & Crafts
  • Religious Services
  • Delicious Restaurant Style Meals 
  • Full-Time Chaplin
  • Water, Sewer, Trash, & Electricity Included
  • Room Service Dining Available
  • Dedicated Staff Committed to Providing the Most Enjoyable Living Experience

Most Buy-In Communities Will Include Your Buy-In Fee Plus Monthly Rent – Cut Out The Unnecessary Cost

We understand that financing can be a large stress factor. So why add to the stress? Regarding senior living buy-in vs monthly rent, monthly rent is the best option. Our monthly fee covers all the amenities and services you need to live a fulfilling life. So why pay an exuberant lump sum upfront plus monthly fees when you don’t know what the future holds? With our simple month-to-month payments, you get to pay for what you need & eliminate any hidden fees or financial surprises. So when it comes to senior living buy-in vs monthly rent, the decision is easy. 

Senior Living Buy-In vs Monthly Rent – Invest in Care That Adapts to Your Needs

So. what’s the better option for your senior living buy-in vs monthly rent? It’s important to consider the long-term costs and potential limitations. For example, buy into an independent living program but later require assisted living services. As a result, you may have to pay additional fees to receive the necessary care. On the other hand, our month-to-month system ensures that all levels of care are covered as needed, without any extra costs or surprises. The monthly model provides a more flexible and secure option for those requiring a higher level of care over time with no long-term obligation. 
Experience the Best of Senior Living at Saint Ann Assisted & Independent Living

Choose Saint Ann, and rest assured that you’ll have the support you need when you need it. At Saint Ann Assisted & Independent Living, we strive to provide our residents with the best possible experience. Making sure each day is full of joy, comfort, and support. Free of hidden fees and or tricks. On top of that, there is currently no waitlist!

Saint Ann Senior Living OKC Explains Senior living buy-in vs monthly rent.

Saint Ann Retirement Center offers the best senior living options for retirement in Oklahoma City. Assisted living and independent living accommodations enhance the lives of individuals looking for support and comfort and a variety of amenities to keep the community active and engaged. Saint Ann is owned and operated by The Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, a not-for-profit Christian organization.

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