Forum at Saint Ann Retirement Center

The FORUM at Saint Ann Retirement Center meets weekly on Tuesday in the Grand Theater. This Educational Series has been well received here at Saint Ann's. Several residents have been involved with these events. Many topics have been presented with guest speakers. 

Jan. 3 at 3pm - Pencil Art & Drawings

Jan.10 at 3pm - No Forum - Mercy Clinic Blessing & Open House

Jan.17 at 3pm - Guest Speaker - Rondia Banks  on "History"

Jan.24 at 3pm - C-Host Maria Delorea on "Theater"

Jan.31 at 3pm - Sr. Marcianne on "Science"


Exercise Class Continues to Grow!

We are blessed to have "Adventures in Fitness" Exercise Classes here at Saint Ann Retirement Center. Our class continues to grow and our residents are loving it. The instructors do a fantastic job in leading our group. The participants are seated in chairs for a good portion of it, but also stand holding on to their chairs for stand-up exercises. The participants use the hand weights along with the expandable exercise bands and balls for motion. The classes meet three times per week in our Grand Theater (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30am). This really helps our residents with fle


Saint Ann Retirement Center Halloween Party


Saint Ann Retirement Center hosted our Annual Halloween Party on Friday. October 30th at 6:00pm in the Grand Theater. We had a Costume Contest with prizes given to the best dressed residents and we had a lot of competition. The music was provided by the incredible "Elderly Brothers."  They always do a fantastic job at our dances. We also had the Bethany High School Honor Students here to assist us with the dance. They served refreshments, danced with the residents and brought so much enthusiasm to our party. A big thank you to all who participated!


Talk of the Town Comes to Saint Ann Retirement Center

Saint Ann Retirement Center is proud to invite you to our Annual Christmas Celebration Dance with the "Talk of the Town" Big Band Sound performing for our community.  We are planning this special event on Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00pm. Save the date. This will take place on our stage in our Grand Theater. Usually they have approximately a 30 piece band with incredible music. Talk of the Town was formed in 1988 as a volunteer orginazation from the University of Oklahoma community to keep alive the Glen Miller tradition of the Golden Era of the big bands.


Saint Ann Assisted Living Wins Readers Choice Award 2013

Saint Ann Assisted Living Community was the recipient of the Readers Choice Award for 2013!  We want to thank all the Residents and Staff Members for helping to make this possible. We are blessed with a dedicated staff and incredible residents that both help to make our community the best in Oklahoma.  Everyone says that our atmosphere and the excitement of the residents touches them when they enter. If you haven't visited our Assisted Living or Independent Living communities, we encourage you to take a tour. We have a beautiful chapel that allows for quiet