Connecting the Generations

Each year Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School offers a unique summer class in Catholic Social Teaching.  This year 14 students signed up to explore and experience the central themes of the course.  Journal reading, encyclicals, open discussion and meditation time helps students to develop a firm understanding into the meaning and application of Christ's call to love and care for one another.  In addition, guest speakers and trips to surrounding non-profits give students a first-hand realistic understanding and insight into the important issues in our community.

It was an incredible day on Wednesday, June 16th when Ms. Anne Hathcoat (Assistant Principal of Academics & Leadership at Bishop McGuinness), brought her students to visit the residents of Saint Ann's Independent Living Community.  This intergenerational encounter was met with great enthusiasm from both sides.  The students began the afternoon by interviewing the senior adults, learning about their rich histories.  These students were spellbound with the stories that were shared and the residents were also captivated by the astuteness of these young high school seniors.

Following the interviews, Saint Ann residents challenged the students in a volleyball game (seated in chairs using a beach ball).  The residents, known as the "Hot Shots," competed against the students, who named themselves the "Hotter Shots."  Amazingly it was a very competitive game with a lot of fun and laughter.  The students won the first game, but the residents took the lead in the 2nd game just before time ran out.  It was the resident's "Luck of the Irish" that claimed that win over the "Fighting Irish" of McGuinness.

Following the rigorous volleyball game, Richard Amend took the students on a tour of the community where they learned about retirement living and the levels of care that are provided in Assisted Living.  They also visited the beautiful Saint Joachim Chapel,  It was such a gift to have both generations learn from each other.  Lives were touched deeply because of that incredible encounter.