Saint Ann Retirement Community is blessed to have Fr. Christopher Tran join us as our new Chaplain..  He brings a lot of energy and reverence to our chapel and will celebrate Mass with us 5 days every week.  Fr. Price Grimes, who has been with us almost 20 years, will continue to celebrate Mass on Mondays and Fridays.  Fr. Grimes has given his heart and soul to Saint Ann's for many years as our full-time priest.  We are blessed to have him continue on a part-time basis.  We have  also been blessed to have Fr. Paul Kodakarakaran and Fr.

Connecting the Generations

Each year Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School offers a unique summer class in Catholic Social Teaching.  This year 14 students signed up to explore and experience the central themes of the course.  Journal reading, encyclicals, open discussion and meditation time helps students to develop a firm understanding into the meaning and application of Christ's call to love and care for one another.  In addition, guest speakers and trips to surrounding non-profits give students a first-hand realistic understanding and insight into the important issues in our community.

Come and Visit our Beautiful Community

Saint Ann Retirement Community welcomes you as we re-open our doors for tours.  Come and see what everyone is talking about when they say that Saint Ann's is the best retirement community in the state of Oklahoma.  From the time that you enter our doors, you will sense the friendly atmosphere as the residents welcome you to our community.  Everything is decorated in red, white and blue to celebrate Independence Day and the month of July.  


Arts and Crafts Fair Coming Soon!

Saint Ann Retirement Center is in the planning stages of hosting a Fall Craft Fair and Open House in October, 2021 in the Grand Theater and Foyer of the Independent Living area. Once we get a firm date, be sure to put it on your calendar.  Everyone will be encouraged to join us. In years past, we have had approximately 35 vendors present selling all types of craft items. Refreshments and entertainment were served throughout the day and several toured our community to see our beautiful apartments and surroundings.  We will let you know the date as soon as possible.



Exercise Class Continues to Grow!

We are blessed to have Exercise Classes here at Saint Ann Retirement Center. Our class continues to grow and our residents are loving it. The instructors do a fantastic job in leading our group. The participants are seated in chairs for a good portion of it, but also stand holding on to their chairs for stand-up exercises. The participants use the hand weights along with the expandable exercise bands and balls for motion. The classes meet three times per week in our Grand Theater (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30am). This really helps our residents with flexibility mobility. For m