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I Think I’ll Stay

I Think I’ll Stay
Michelle Tuttle, 2019


October was a very special day,
To Saint Ann’s I came, for a long time to stay.
Margaret was kind; she was willing and caring,
She showed me the things, we all will be sharing.

Everyone I’ve met in my short time here,
Became like family and very dear.
The dining room service can’t be beat,
But there is only so much I can eat.

The Carmelite Sisters are like angels,
It’s such a blessing to eat at their tables.
Bruce fixes everything he can,
That’s why he is known as the “Man.”

I went out for a while, and to my surprise,
My room was cleaned and smelled so nice.
All the volunteers in Saint Ann’s do their parts,
May God bless them for their golden hearts.

If I have a question, I go to the front desk,
They never get tired of my requests.
Their smiles give me nothing to fear,
They help build our great atmosphere.

The entertainment is my favorite time,
Kimberly gives us such good wine.
The trips with her are so much fun,
It’s like keeping up with the flying Nun.

The Chapel is a gift from above,
God gives us this peace and His love.
We are all here for a moment in time,
I thank God you are all friends of mine.

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