Food Service Department

Eating and dining Private Dining Roomare both about celebrating good times with family and friends. Food is involved in almost everything we do in our society. It gives pleasure. It’s comforting.

Saint Ann Retirement Community is truly blessed with the most incredible dining room staff that would match any other community in the state of OklahomaYet for many Retirement Center's residents, dining can be a less-than-pleasant experience. Food arrives on trays, as in a hospital. But more recently, providers are making the effort to improve their dining options with the help of an evidence base pointing to better ways to meet resident needs.  As we do at Saint Ann.  Here we serve like in restaurants, with a beautiful environment, soft music, and great staff who are there for us in any situation.

The ability to make healthy food choices, socialize, interact with staff and enjoy a tasty meal provides a dignity unmatched by other services.

Daree Kuykendall has been our Executive Chef for over 20 years.  She brings with her the experience of many years in the food service industry..  She puts her whole heart and soul into anything she prepares.  Through the years, she has made incredible displays to present an awe inspiring backdrop like no other.  Daree and her staff serve delicious, nutritious meals on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the photos of our "Western Day Party."  Enjoy!!!!