ChapelSaint Joachim Chapel

All residents of Saint Ann have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most unique features of this community - the beautifully designed octagonal shaped chapel. This beautiful and inspiring setting will provide many opportunities for spiritual experiences. Mass is scheduled daily. We have a Saturday afternoon Vigil Mass as well as a Sunday morning Liturgy. We also have a Sunday service for all-denominations to accommodate residents of all faiths.

Spiritual Opportunities at Saint Ann's:

9:30am Daily Mass (Monday-Friday) Different Priests Daily

4:00pm Saturday-Mass (Vigil)

9:30am Sunday Mass - Fr. Price Grimes                   

2:00pm Sunday-All Faith Service - Methodist Minister

10:30am Fridays-Joy Club Bible Study-Mrs. DavideneHumphreys

In March of 2011, the chapel was under construction to enlarge the octagonal shape to include an additional 70 seats.  This process took approximately five months.  On Wednesday, August 24, 2011, Archbishop Paul Coakley, Fr. Price Grimes, Fr. Louis Lamb, Fr. Gerard MacAulay, Fr. Joseph Vas and Fr. Elmer Schwarz were all present for the Re-Dedication of the Chapel.  A special reception was held in the Grand Theater following the Liturgy. Come and visit our beautiful chapel in the near future.